Reasons against voting.

A collection.


I`m not interested in policy.


No party represents my interests.


Politicians only pursue their own interests.


After all, elections are of no relevance.

Why`s that? What can we do?

A collection of statements.

„The lower the social status and the bigger the indifference in politics, the lower is the voter turnout.“

„Those who are interested in the political sector rather prefer going to the polls. Whoever wants to make the voter turnout rise and strengthen groups that have fallen behind needs to make a start precisely at this point.“

„What we need is an overall strategy for a political activation and the integration of politically fragile neighbourhoods, which means breaking fresh ground.“

„Besondere Möglichkeiten bieten dabei die neuen Medien: – ‚Jugend debattiert‘ und“

The accompanying text of the authors of the Bertelsmann survey recommends: „Activation and politicisation of socially weaker ones as well as of the young.“

„Citizens are interested in politics if the politicians are interested in them. They want the specific political commit-ment they show to exert true influence.“

„Policy must be an issue to be discussed, if not in the families, then at schools…, all-day schools offering a particular chance.“

The researchers recommend: „innovative and concrete suggestions for the practical realisation.“

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