The participation of foreigners in parliamen-tary and state elections is generally excluded by the German constitution.

No German party is currently planning to introduce an expansion of the right to vote onto foreigners.

Foreigners will thus not be entitled to vote in September 2017.

Could modifying the constitution allow refugees to vote?

The answer is: No.

A modification of the constitution requires a two-third majority in the Federal parliament (Bundestag) and the Fe-deral council (Bundesrat).

Since no party is currently planning an amendment that would permit refugees to vote, such a majority seems rather unlikely to be obtained.

Foreigners coming from an EU country may vote at the municipal level. Foreigners not coming from an EU country are excluded here too.

However, an exclusion from the parliamentary elections does not include poll watching. Every refugee, EU citizen or non-EU citizen is allowed to take part in the poll watching and the subsequent evaluation at the Wahl-mission organisation