What we want

  • get more citizens to go to the polls
  • das verfassungsrechtliche Grundprinzip der Wahlbeobachtung nicht Randgruppen überlassen
  • explain the elections simply and clearly
  • encourage young people by using new kinds of media
  • poll watching for all
  • get rid of uncertain-ties
  • clear up assumptions
  • make the elections safer and more credible

What we do

  • motivate  citizens to vote
  • observe and analyse the elections
  • answer questions
  • be open for everyone, no matter what politi-cal course they adopt
  • collect scientific data on the election
  • provide objective facts

Who we are

  • We are a non-profit registered organisation
  • dedicated citizens from all walks of lifecarer, university student, teacher, mechnic, lawyer…
  • funded by ourselves!We do not receive any financial aid.
  • Please read about our rules and regulations here

What we are not

  • We do not represent any political course
  • We do not represent any religion